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Our firm can help companies of all sizes, public, private and nonprofit, with all their HR related needs, whether it be employment law related issues or how to implement customized benefit and compensation solutions. Our comprehensive approach encompasses the Federal and state, financial, tax, ERISA, and other legal and administrative issues, as applicable, that are central to effective compliance in your employment related practices as well as with your compensation and benefit programs, and their integration with your specific employment policies and practices.

We offer comprehensive legal services and offer advice respecting company policies and procedures as well as with benefit plan design and operation. Our lawyers always look for clear and simple ways to be compliant with the ever-shifting field of employment law as well as using new techniques to meet the compensation and benefit needs of business owners and executives, while identifying ways to contain overall plan costs and avoid administrative errors that could disqualify the plans or subject the plan sponsor to excise taxes under IRS rules.

The Law Offices of Scott D. Segal, P.A. has experience that can help you in various extraordinary circumstances you may encounter in your business. For example, we handle due diligence and any necessary negotiations on employment and benefit and compensation plans in merger and acquisition transactions.

Employment Law:  Are you compliant with the alphabet soup of Federal legislation?

Right now, it is almost impossible for the head of HR to be an expert on all the laws and regulations affecting how a company conducts its employment practices, from the initial hiring of the employee through the termination of employment, whenever that may be.  Being fully compliant with Federal and state laws is incredibly challenging.  Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a lawyer that you could always contact in order to ensure that you are doing the right thing without worrying about the CFO complaining about the bill afterwards?  Ask the Law Offices of Scott D. Segal, PA about its flat-rate billing program.  Under this program, a company pays a one-time, reasonable annual fee and that’s IT!  Contact the firm as often as you want on any question that falls within the employment or employee benefits spectrum and get that assurance that what you are doing is not exposing your company to risk.

Employee Benefits:  Your best motivational tool is expensive and complex

In today’s competitive marketplace, effective benefit and compensation plans are often your most effective tools for attracting and motivating the best employees. They’re also the most expensive, putting your company at the mercy of economic and regulatory forces that make benefit and compensation plan costs, liabilities and compliance difficult to manage.

Plans that are properly constructed can help you reap the full operational, financial and tax advantages that you’re entitled to by law. Yet few in any company’s personnel department have the time or the expertise to give you the coordinated approach that’s uniquely best for your company.

In an environment of stock market volatility, increased litigation, and complex laws and regulations, corporate directors, executives, management personnel and human resource professionals who serve as ERISA fiduciaries of their companies’  employee benefit plans face significant challenges as they seek to fulfill their duties and responsibilities under ERISA. If you are an ERISA fiduciary, the Law Offices of Scott D. Segal, P.A. has developed an ERISA Compliance Program, designed to help you meet these challenges, by assisting you in understanding and fulfilling your fiduciary role and in reducing your exposure to personal liability.

Key elements of the Program:

•    Review and recommendations for optimization of plan governance structure
•    Implementation of recommended plan fiduciary structure
•    Designation of ERISA Compliance Officer where appropriate
•    Review and preparation of documentation for fiduciaries
•    Initial and yearly plan audits and assistance with self-audits
•    Assistance in developing “prudent practices and procedures”
•    Assistance in education and training of fiduciaries
•    Ongoing independent advice to fiduciaries as issues arise
•    Development of risk management tools including proper delegation of fiduciaries duties and review of terms of the fiduciary liability policy.

Mr. Segal may also assist you in determining whether or not you are a fiduciary under ERISA. Generally speaking, ERISA defines a fiduciary as a person who exercises or has any discretionary authority or control over the management or administration of an employee benefit plan or its assets. However, the test is a functional one so that you may be deemed to be a fiduciary of a plan solely by virtue of the functions you perform with respect to the plan, regardless of whether or not you have been formally appointed as a fiduciary.