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Health care reform compliance deadlines are closing in on us.  Grandfathered and non-grandfathered plans must be compliant by the first plan year beginning on or after September 23, 2010.  The following are some  required notices that will have to be provided to plan participants.

  • Grandfathered Plan Status Notice. If maintaining grandfathered status, then participants are entitled to a notice of intent to maintain that status.
  • Special Enrollment Notices for Lifetime Limits. Individuals who have reached their lifetime limits under a plan are entitled to a special notice enrollment telling them that they are available for coverage. Since the lifetime limit is going away, these individuals will be able to have claims paid even though they may not be coming back on the plan.
  • Patient Protection Notice for Physician Choice.  This notice lets participants know that they are able to choose primary care physicians and that they can obtain OB/GYN care without previous approval.
  • Notice of Age 26 Coverage Extension.  Since coverage has expanded to individuals up to the age of 26, participants must be notified of this option along with being provided with enrollment instructions and rights.
  • Appeal Rights.  Since there is a possibility of adding outside appeals to non-grandfathered plans, participants must be informed about the new appeals rights. Also, participants should be reminded of the existing appeal rights under the plan.

Even though the carrier might send these notices out to plan participants, it is solely the accountability of the company to make certain that notices are being sent out correctly.  You should contact your carrier and/or broker to make sure that your company is up to date with these new notice requirements.  In addition, given that these provisions are all are incorporated into ERISA, it is likely permissible that the normal ERISA notice rules apply (vis-a-vis form of notice), including any method the Department of Labor has previously approved for electronic delivery.

1 Comment

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